Why My Voice?

I know what you all are thinking…There are thousands of people in the blogging world so why would anyone take their precious time to listen to what I, Mia Hawthorne, would have to say? Well, Maybe you all were not thinking exactly that but I am.

I, Mia Hawthorne, will openly admit a few things under my first post so that everyone who wishes will know my thoughts at this very moment about why I am starting a blog, and why I  have not yet started a blog….

I am starting a blog because I am extremely opinionated, Which I think can be a great quality to have; formulating your own thoughts and all, but my thing is-some people just don’t want to hear others opinions and I thought HEY!, here, having a blog gives individuals the option to hear my opinion and observe my open perspectives on controversial topics or they can openly exit off my blog and go about their Mia opinionated free life…It’s definitely a time saver for both ends so no hard feelings over here guy (or girl for you sensitive feminists)

But now I will blatantly admit why I have no yet started a blog, and that can be explained in one word…. and with that one word unfortunately being  insecurity. However I will add that with time, and daily involvement with the blog world, I am confident the anxious and pestering insecurity sensation will subside quickly.  The cause of this annoying sensation stems from me over thinking situations way too much…..For example, having a blog makes me anxious that I will be publically displaying I do not properly know how to grammatically correct myself along side not being educated properly on where to punctuate in every sentence to the acceptance standard of a professional writer. (I blame myself for this lack of education, and not my high school teachers….Well better yet I blame my friends for throwing sick ass rager parties that I just had to attend.)Well anyway, Let me not yap on about my subconscious youth years and my negative insecurities because there is a rebirth upon us!! Within each and every single one of us, within our minds, our spirits, and our bodies we are shedding old skin to reveal a new and refined gold layer……I humbly come to share my experience. and to hear the experience of others. I Love and very much appreciate constructive criticism and your opinions are valued here so please feel free to share. Thanks for you so much for your time, present Earthlings. Welppp! Until next blog, keep it conscious 


Upcoming blog topics:

  • conspiracy theories
  • politics
  • racism
  • society
  • environmental issues
  • spirituality
  • healing
  • christ consciousness grids
  • Dr. Sebi and Dr Robert Cassar
  • vaccines
  • spondylolisthesis
  • alkaline diets
  • their sacred placenta
  • MY parenting views

I blog to learn-other people and myself. I blog to discover and to help be discovered.

I wish to help heal Mother Earth and her inhabitants and I feel this is my first step.